Mobility & Small Aid Specialists

Mobility & Small Aid Specialists

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Do you have an ill-fitting lift & rise recliner chair?

Is your seat of your chair too high, does your feet not touch the floor?

Is the seat too short and not supporting your legs properly?

Is the seat too wide and causing you to lean to one side because there is no support?

Is the seat too tight, making you feel restricted?

Is the seat too deep? Are you not able to sit back against the chair for full support?

Are you using cushions to support you in the chair?

All these points can lead to postural issues.


Your chair might not be giving you the full support you need when sitting for long periods of time.


Why not visit our showroom for a demonstration with one of our knowledgeable advisors. Alternatively, we can undertake an assessment in the comfort of your own home.


Call our team today to request a brochure or to discuss your requirements.



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