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Here at Thistle help, we have a fantastic assortment of walking sticks and accessories available at our Crosshouse, Kilmarnock and Irvine showrooms. Come in for a visit, and we can help you find the best form of mobility aid for your specific needs.

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Buy Walking Sticks Ayrshire

For those looking for a simple yet effective form of mobility support, a walking stick could give you the help you need to go about your day with ease. 

Walking sticks are a safe, simple method of getting extra support for walking both outside and inside your home. You may choose to get a sturdy wooden walking stick to offer you high levels of support or perhaps a flexible folding walking stick that can be easily stored in a bag and used when needed. 

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Shop Walking Stick Attachments

We often find customers in need of attachments to make their walking stick easier to use and more suited to their needs and lifestyles, for example, some people may need:

  • A wrist strap for a walking stick 
  • A walking stick handle grip 
  • A walking stick or cane holder 
  • A walking stick shoulder strap

If you are in need of an additional attachment for your walking stick, visit our showrooms to explore what we have on offer.

Our Zimmer Frames And Tri-Walkers

We also have a great assortment of walking frames, such as zimmer frames, rollators and tri-walkers, on offer at our showrooms. These are an excellent option for those who require a little more support than a walking stick offers but still want a mobility aid which allows them to stand. 

All of our three and four-wheeled walkers are checked regularly to ensure they are up to the highest safety standards. When you shop with Thistle Help, you get long-lasting, reliable equipment that you can use with confidence.

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Contact Thistle Help

If you are interested in purchasing a walking stick or accessories or would like to book a demonstration at one of our branches, please contact us to find out more.

You can call our Crosshouse, Kilmarnock branch on 01563 542838 or our Irvine branch on 01294 313369 to speak to one of our knowledgeable advisors.

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