Car Adaptions

Car adaptations play a pivotal role in enhancing travel for individuals with mobility issues. These innovative devices and adaptions make it possible for people to regain their independence and enjoy the freedom of accessible car travel and driving.

From driving aids that allow individuals with limited lower body mobility to operate the vehicle with their hands, to person hoists and swivel seats that facilitate easy entry and exit, these adaptations are transformative.

Here at Thistle Help, we work with Mobility in Motion to help provide our customers with high-quality car adaptations that make travelling easier.

Our Range of Car Adaptions

Our mission is to help you provide the people you care for with the best possible equipment for their needs, creating a functional environment for them to live in confidently and securely.

Mobility in Motion offers a fantastic selection of high-quality car adaptations to help you travel safely and comfortably. Some of the products they offer include:

Person Hoists For Cars

Whether you’re the driver or a passenger, one-person hoists are an excellent way to help seat wheelchair users in a standard vehicle. These hoists have been specially designed to offer comfort and ease of mind when transferring from your mobility aid to your vehicle.

Driving Aids

There are many types of driving aids you can purchase to help make the experience of being behind the wheel more accessible. Mobility in Motion provides hand controls, pedal modifications, remote control devices, steering aids and more.

Restraint Systems

Restraint systems work like seatbelts for your mobility aid, holding it in place for the duration of your journey and preventing any damage from coming to it. There are a range of restraint systems available to suit different vehicles and wheelchairs and are an essential accessory to a car boot hoist.

Easy Vehicle Access

Aside from person hoists, there are many ways to customise your vehicle for easier access. Swivel seats, transfer plates, electronic side steps and more are available to help you maintain your independence and travel by car comfortably.

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