Walking Aids For Better Mobility

If you require a new walking aid to increase your independence and mobility, Thistle Help are delighted to offer a wide range of solutions.

We have everything you need to get around with freedom, including a vast selection of walking sticks, tri-walkers, and rollators.

If you are looking for something in particular, please speak to our advisors in our showrooms or over the phone.

Our advisors can provide you with further information on the products we stock.

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Our Range of Walking Aids

The range of walking aids we stock are of the highest quality and come with a one year warranty*.

Some of our popular models include:

  • Drive DeVilbiss – Standard Tri-Walkers, Tri-Walkers with Seats and 4 Wheel Rollators*
  • One Rehab Zoom Plus 4 Wheel Rollator*
  • Rehasense range of walking aids
  • Topro range of walking aids and Trolleys (7 year warranty)
  • Hurrycane Walking Sticks
  • Tri-Pod Base Walking Sticks
  • Quad Base Walking Sticks
  • Various Accessories for Walking Aids

Call us to see if we stock the walking aid you are looking for on
01294 313369 or 01563 542838. Or you can contact us below.

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The Benefits of Using a Walking Aid

Do you have limited mobility and struggle to walk from one place to the next?

Do you wish you could walk a little further when out with family and friends or on holiday?

Using a walking aid could give you the confidence and ability to move around without the need to rely on other people around you.

Visit our showrooms where our team of advisors can explain the benefits of using a walking aid for either indoor or outdoor use.

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Walking Sticks

Is your balance not good? Do you worry about falling over without the assistance of someone?

A walking stick will give you extra support and help you balance. It can also give you confidence and make walking less painful.

What to think about when choosing a walking stick:

  • Make sure the stick is the correct height for you (our advisors will assist with this)
  • Do you need one that stands up by itself? (some have 3 or 4 feet)
  • Do you require the stick to be right-handed or left-handed?
  • Do you need a seat so you can rest?

Our advisors can assist you in choosing the correct stick for your needs and mobility restrictions. Call us today for further information.

Book A Free Walking Aid Demonstration

Not sure what type of equipment would work for you? Want to try a specific mobility scooter or walking frame before you buy?

Contact us to book a free demonstration today. We want to ensure you get the best equipment for your mobility needs, so we’re more than happy to show you how each piece works and let you test it before you commit to purchasing.

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Our Knowledgeable Team

Our team of knowledgeable advisors will advise you when you visit our showrooms on what walking aids are best for you.

You can be assured that when you visit Thistle Help, you will receive the best customer service from our team. Our customer’s needs are important to us and we will take the time to listen to you and advise you accordingly.

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If you’re interested in purchasing a walking aid or would like more information, please contact us to find out more.

You can call our Irvine branch on 01294 313369 or Crosshouse, Kilmarnock branch on 01563 542838 to speak to one of our helpful advisors.

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