Driving Aids

Navigating the road with ease is a paramount aspect of independence, and Thistle Help, in collaboration with Mobility in Motion, offers an array of driving aids to enhance your mobility on the go.

From steering assistance to remote control functions, we have a range of driving aids designed to make your driving experience as comfortable and simple as possible.

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Steering Wheel Knob

Thistle Help understands the significance of effortless steering for individuals with diverse mobility needs. Our Steering Wheel Knobs are meticulously designed to provide enhanced control and comfort, ensuring a smooth driving experience. These ergonomically crafted knobs facilitate easy steering manoeuvres, allowing you to navigate your vehicle with precision confidently.

Pedal Modifications

Thistle Help and Mobility in Motion prioritise your comfort and safety. Our Pedal Modifications are tailored to accommodate various mobility requirements. Whether you need adjustments for the accelerator, brake, or clutch pedals, our team ensures that each modification is personalised to provide optimal comfort and control. This customisation fosters a driving experience that is both enjoyable and accessible.

Car Remote Control Devices

Thistle Help offers an innovative range of Car Remote Control Devices for individuals seeking convenient control within their vehicles. These devices empower you to manage essential functions such as locking, unlocking, and even starting your car remotely. This technology is especially beneficial for those with mobility challenges, offering accessibility that transcends traditional limitations.


What type of vehicles are driving aids compatible with?

Our driving aids are compatible with most modern vehicles, including cars and vans. If you have specific vehicle requirements, let us know, and we’ll do our best to find the right solution.

What advantages do Steering Wheel Knobs offer?

Steering Wheel Knobs provide enhanced control for drivers. Ergonomically crafted, these knobs enable smooth and precise steering manoeuvres, ensuring individuals with diverse mobility needs experience confidence and comfort while driving.

How are Pedal Modifications tailored to individual requirements?

Thistle Help and Mobility in Motion offer personalised Pedal Modifications to cater to unique mobility needs. They offer modifications, including left-foot accelerators, hinged pedals, pedal extensions and guards to bring pedals closer to the driving seat.

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