Hoisting Equipment And Slings

At Thistle Help, we have a fantastic selection of hoisting equipment and slings to aid with safe, efficient mobility.

Hoists are great examples of mobility equipment that make life easier for those unable to walk. They can help carers with things such as moving their patients from bed to their wheelchairs or in and out of the bath with comfort, ease and dignity.

Slings work exceptionally well to add an extra level of support during these transfers, reducing the strain on the operator and giving the user extra comfort during the transfer.

Buy Hoists And Slings Ayrshire

Whether you need a mobile hoist, sling, or something more fixed for a specific purpose, Thistle Help can help you find it.

Our lifting solutions are designed to make movement as safe and comfortable as possible for those using them and as easy to manage as possible for the carer operating them.

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Quality Service Guaranteed

Want to try before you buy? Our mobility equipment is available for free demonstrations at our Crosshouse, Kilmarnock and Irvine showrooms. When you come to one of our showrooms, a friendly member of our expert team will be able to guide you through the equipment and show you how to use it.

All of our hoisting equipment and slings are checked regularly to ensure they are up to safety standards. We would never sell our customers anything that isn’t 100% safe to use at the time of purchase, and we offer maintenance packages for those using their equipment long-term.

Rental Hoisting Equipment Ayrshire

If you require rental hoisting equipment or slings for a short-term period, we can provide mobility equipment to you with our rental scheme. This can be ideal for those recovering from surgery who need mobility help but don’t want to purchase permanent equipment.

Please get in touch with a member of our rental team to discuss the short-term hire options available and get a price estimate.

Hoists And Slings For Care Homes

Thistle Help is proud to provide a range of mobility and support equipment to care facilities across the UK, including hoists and slings. We work with care homes, hospices and other organisations to provide high-quality care for their residents.

To find out what we can offer you, please get in touch to speak to a team member. We will be able to review all the options available and explain the ordering process.

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Contact Thistle Help

If you would like to purchase any of our hoisting equipment and slings, please get in touch with us to discuss buying, delivery and demonstrations.

Alternatively, you can phone our Irvine branch on  01294 313369 or our Crosshouse, Kilmarnock branch on 01563 542838 to speak to a member of our staff.

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