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At Thistle Help, we stock an excellent range of pressure mattresses & pressure cushions to help keep you comfortable and supported throughout the day and night.

Whether you need a pressure relief cushion for a wheelchair or you’re looking for a variety of pressure relief mattresses for a care facility, Thistle Help can help you with our fantastic range of high-quality pressure relief equipment.

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A pressure-relieving mattress is designed to help prevent pressure ulcers, also known as bedsores. They tend to be made from high-density foam or air-filled chambers designed specifically to help distribute pressure from your weight across the surface of the mattress instead of focusing it in one area.

Pressure-relieving mattresses are commonly used in care facilities like hospitals and hospices, where people may spend a long time in bed due to illness or mobility issues. However, they’re also a fantastic option for those who prefer to be in their own homes, as they can help improve posture and support during long periods of bed rest.

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A Wide Selection of Products

At Thistle Help, we have a variety of pressure-relieving mattresses available for your aid. Our mattresses come in various sizes, so you can find one that fits your bed frame perfectly.

To explore our selection of pressure-relieving mattresses, you can visit us at our Irvine showrooms or our  Crosshouse, Kilmarnock for a free demonstration. If you can not make it in person, please get in touch with us to discuss our options and delivery services. A member of our knowledgeable team will be happy to talk you through our mattress collections.

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Pressure Cushions For Elderly People

Pressure cushions are an excellent way to help support elderly people’s bodies when sitting. They help to redistribute pressure from the chosen area, relieving pain and reducing the risk of soreness. They are ideal for those with arthritis and sciatica, as they help to relieve the focus of pressure and provide a sitting solution which will not increase their pain.

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Thistle Help is proud to provide a wide range of mobility and support equipment, including pressure mattresses & pressure cushions, to care sector facilities across Scotland.

To learn more about our care sector supply services, please contact us to hear about our options and prices.

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Pressure cushions are similar in structure to pressure mattresses; they just come on a smaller scale to support a more specific area of the body. Some people may choose to place the cushion beneath them for extra support or behind their back when sitting for lumbar support and cushioning.

Pressure Cushions For Chairs

Pressure cushions may be a great addition to stationary chairs, but they are also a fantastic addition for those who use wheelchairs or powerchairs regularly. They help provide a comfortable surface that moulds to your body’s shape for extra support, preventing sores or discomfort from prolonged use.

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